Mark Ochoa - REALTOR®

Mark Ochoa

Principal/Agent at Mark Ochoa Group

  • Agent License: 01756997
  • Service Areas: Orange County (Tustin, North Tustin, Orange, Villa Park)
  • Specialties: Listing Agent, Buyer Agent, Investment Properties, Leasing Agent

About Mark Ochoa

Mark Ochoa is a full-time Realtor® in Orange County with Mark Ochoa Group at Coldwell Banker Platinum Properties in Irvine. He is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese and has been a licensed real estate agent in California since 2006.

Mark was raised in Brea where he attended Brea-Olinda High School.  After high school, he attended Orange Coast College and graduated from Fullerton College where he played baseball.  Thereafter, Mark traveled the United States as a speaker promoting seminars for the Anthony Robbins Companies. In his role with the organization, he conducted training programs for real estate agents, sales professionals, and executives of the “who’s who” of the business world.

He then left the company and started his own sales and marketing training business.  As a business owner, he held private workshops and led seminars throughout North America for various companies such as Coldwell Banker, RE/MAX, Century 21, Bank of America, and Berkshire Hathaway to name a few. 

As many know, excessive travel can take its toll on a person.  Eventually, his goals shifted from seeing the world to settling down which brought him back home.

Due to his background, Mark brings extensive sales and (online) marketing knowledge to the table for his clients.  What separates Mark from the competition is his pressure-free approach and commitment to providing free resources to clients.  

In total, he’s been to over 35 countries in Europe and South America. At one point he lived in São Paulo, Brazil where he learned Portuguese and studied at Mackenzie Presbyterian University.

Mark leads a very active lifestyle. He is a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and he’s trained with some of the top competitors in the world. He also enjoys mountain biking, learning the game of golf, and reading.

Language: English, Spanish, Portuguese

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    Luis Gonzalez

    Mark is a true professional. He followed up often and made sure to push on our application daily to make sure we got a living space that we are proud of. Thank you for all the hard work Mark!!
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    Daniel Cacho

    Mark was a great help in finding a home and he was so enthusiastic about his job. Couldn’t do it without him. Thanks Mark!

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    Britney Burd

    Before working with Mark we were going In circles looking for a home. He made it so much easier for us and found something for us right away! Thanks Mark! 🙏🏻

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    Kimberly Cook

    A true Pro! Mark was thorough, punctual, super-efficient and organized. He knew the real estate market in the desired area and was knowledgeable. I would use the Ochoa Groups once again in the future for sure.

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    Sina Hami

    Very helpful and quick in getting things done👍👍

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    Ma Andrea

    Impressive Mark! Never been into an Agent like him and easy to be with. Keeps on following up until we find a place to move in! Never a day he missed following us up for a place to stay. We’re having trouble finding a place before until we met Mark, everything went smoothly. Thank you so much for the big help! Very good referral to all people who wants a place to stay to a very good place. Good job!

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    Mark Ochoa helped our family find a great home. He worked really hard to find us a wonderful family hole we were looking for. He was considerate and helpful and worked to help us get a good family home, thank you so much for the great job.

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    mharc dimacali

    Before working with Mark we were worried because we were doing we could to find a home, but didn’t have any luck. Immediately after meeting Mark he gave us the certainty that he could find us a house. We now have our new home and me and my family couldn’t be happier. Thanks for all your help, Mark!

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    Joe Vasquez

    Had a tough time searching for a family home until we found Mark Ochoa. He did a great job working hard to find our family place we can call a home. He will work far beyond what we can manage and gave us quality service.

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    Judith R

    Mark made finding a house incredibly quick and easy. Within days of working with him, he helped my housemates and I get the house that we loved! He was attentive to all our wants, and answered our questions incredibly fast. 100/10, would definitely recommend working with him!

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    tiffany f

    Mark did an excellent job representing his clients looking for rental property. He submitted a very complete application package along with supporting documents in a timely fashion which made it very easy for me to review and approve my new tenants.

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    John Chua

    Mark helped my roommates and I find a house to rent within days of starting to work with him. He was very responsive, professional and had the upmost confidence in helping us find a home. We were trying for months to find a place with no luck, talking to agents and submitting multiple applications by ourselves. Mark made the entire process easy for us.

    He was also very considerate of each of our needs and wanted to make sure that everyone was comfortable with the house we found before signing a lease.

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    Kyla Quilos

    Mark was sooooo helpful and does amazing work!! He can definitely TALK. He will get you the house you want just as he did with my housemates and I! I’m so thankful that we stumbled on Mark because you won’t find exceptional service like this with anyone else. He made us feel very comfortable and made sure that we loved the house that we looked at. I really appreciated that because he wanted to make sure we were happy and didn’t regret our decision. We definitely made the right decision to work with him and trusted him through the entire process!

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    Leianne Roylo

    Mark was very responsive whenever we reached out and had questions. We got a house within only a couple days after getting into contact with Mark, and this was the first house we wanted! He is very easy to work with, and he worked really closely with us the whole time. Definitely would recommend to all my friends!

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    Joanna Hsieh

    I connected with Mark when I was looking for a new home. I’ve tried countless days and spent numerous hours trying to find something I liked on my own, but to no avail. That’s when I found Mark, and I am forever grateful that I did. He answered all my questions, sent me all the necessary information, and never made me feel pressured into choosing a house. He is definitely the go-to realtor. He was with me every step of the way and would follow-up as well. Mark definitely keeps what you’re looking for in mind and tries his best to help you find what you want when it comes to real estate. Mark is very knowledgeable, personable, and professional. The service was phenomenal. I would recommend him to anyone looking. Thank you for being a professional, Mark.

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    En-Tan Chang

    Mark just helped us find a new home. We were worried a bit credit-challenged and we have pets. When most agents would have probably thrown in the towel, Mark hung in there and found us a home that matched exactly what we were looking for. Mark, we appreciate the time you put into working with us. Thank you!

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    Cam S

    We needed to get an extra room to use as an office post-COVID 19. Mark was the only agent who reached out personally, as most just texted back or didn’t even respond. In all honesty, Mark is one of the few people I’ve had the opportunity to work with who is not just efficient, but also persevere. Our credit aren’t the greatest and we had a hard time getting approved (since we also had 2 kitties) – but he continued to look for properties for us despite the road blocks. We finally got a house we will be calling home, thanks to him. Give him a try – I guarantee it wouldn’t be the last time you’d speak about him for a long time 🙂

    Kudos Mark and keep doing what you’re doing!

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    Peyton Kristen Geyser

    Mark was AWESOME! My roommates and I were looking for houses on our own and it just wasn’t working until we added Mark to the team. Mark was able to make the whole process a whole lot more organized and efficient, which was super important for us in such a busy, transitional time in our lives. Not to mention, in the state of the world with COVID-19, Mark communicated with us, as well as landlords, to make sure that we were still able to go and see the potential houses while taking safety precautions. Mark was very professional and truly was an advocate for us throughout the process! Thank you, thank you, thank you Mark!

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    April Cheng

    Mark Ochoa was such a great help when my roommates and I were looking for houses. Without him we would have had a lot more difficulties finding a place on our own. He was very knowledgeable, friendly, and understanding! He made the process a lot more manageable and easier. In addition, he was always very quick to respond with any question I had and was always very courteous. I would definitely recommend him for others who are looking for places! Thank you Mark for all your help! 🙂

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    Flavio Ronchini ENA

    After Mark showed us some houses we thought we were interested in, we explained that the apartment complex we lived in offered to move us to another unit at a very good price. We asked Mark for his opinion and he told us to accept the offer because in the long run it would have been better for us. I was surprised because I expected him to try to convince us to do business with him. We appreciate your honesty, professionalism and the search for our best interest. This is a guy you can trust! Certainly a good contact for all our future needs.

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    Josh Manabat

    It was a great pleasure working with Mark through the whole housing process. He was very fast with his responses and provided us with all the information that we needed to know step by step throughout. He was also very friendly and kind to us and I acknowledge all the work he put in for all of us, as well as working on his off days! It was a pleasure working with him and would do so again in the future.

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    Clint Bedell

    Mark helped me and my fiancee find our first home together. What I really like about Mark is he answered each and every question we had with direct, thorough answers. He made the home searching process very easy for us which was important because we both have very heavy workloads. He IS our go-to guy in regards to real estate. Thank you!

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    Colton Miyasato

    One of the best experience I have ever had with an agent. Very communicative, transparent, and a very hard-worker. I really needed a house and he was able to find one with little to no stress on our end! Thank you Mark!

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    Jason Fratus

    Mark came highly recommended by some friends of mine that were clients of his. They spoke very highly of him and said he did a really good job because they were impressed with the service he provided. He lived up to and exceeded our expectations. What I really liked about Mark is he’s a straight shooter and a great negotiator. He helped us get a really good deal. Thanks, Mark!

  • thumb

    Michael Gruden

    Mark just helped us find a new home in Irvine. The last time we were home shopping we lost the house we wanted so we wanted to make sure we didn’t waste any time this time around. He was quick, efficient, effective, and professional. He did exactly what he said he was going to do and made it very easy for us. Thanks, Mark!

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    Bailey Phenicie

    Without Mark, my roommates and I would never have been able to secure a house. With such an interesting group, a lot of home owners were turning us away. However, once we got Mark on our team, we had success after success. We were able to secure the first house that we ever saw with him because of his effort and efficient nature. We truly appreciated all of his help and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to secure a house. In fact, we did refer him to some of our friends and they already talk about how amazing Mark has been with the whole process. We dealt with almost no stress once Mark joined us and we thank him for making the process so much easier and nicer for us. Thank you Mark!

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    Pauline Bianca Lagarde

    I’ve honestly had such an amazing experience working with Mark! It was our first time ever trying to find a house and so I was so stressed out about the whole process until I found Mark. He made the process so much easier and stress- free for us. He always got everything done (like paperwork) so fast for us and kept in constant communication the whole process. He’s also a super nice guy! I highly recommend Mark as your real estate agent!!

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    grace unterberger

    Before meeting Mark I was talking to another agent, but it really wasn’t working out for me. When I talked to Mark he made me feel comfortable and answered all my questions. After we found the home and I signed all the paperwork he even helped me set up my utilities. I’m happy to know I have a real estate professional that is there for me whenever I need something. If I could give him 11 stars I would! Thank you, Mark!

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    Jacklyn Salenga

    Before we met Mark we knew we wanted to buy a home, but we wanted to make sure we were prepared and we didn’t get taken advantage of because buying a home is a big purchase. Immediately after meeting Mark, we knew he was the right person for us. He explained the home buying process and never made us feel pressured to buy. He helped me and my family every step of the way and protected us as we bought our first home. Now, we’re homeowners! Mark is our trusted real estate advisor and we look forward to recommending him to all of our friends and family. We are so excited!

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