When Selling Your Home Don’t Do This!

When Selling Your Home Don't Do This

When selling your home it can be very emotional considering all the moments, memories, and experiences had in it. We can also be excited about the home we’re moving to and the future we’re going to create there.

It’s important to be mindful during times of high emotion because, unfortunately, when emotion is high logic is low.

It’s important to keep a level head when selling so to achieve the highest net proceeds in the shortest time. With that said, here are 3 important things not to do when you’re selling your home.

1.  Don’t Ask Too Much for Your Home

When it’s a seller’s market it’s easy to get overly confident and overprice our home. Many sellers price too high and hope the forces of the market will allow them to get their asking price. It’s important to note if a buyer agrees to the price their bank will have an appraisal done. The bank is going to want to determine the fair value for your home.

Obviously, if you’ve over-priced it the bank isn’t going to lend more than what the house is really worth. As a result, you might be forced to renegotiate the selling price after the fact.

To set the true value of your home follow the lead of a real estate professional. They’ll help you get it right the first time and save time, aggravation, and stress.

2.  Don’t Be Controlled by Your Emotions

The longer we live in a home the more emotional it can because of all the memories created in it. Those memories can range from seeing your children take their first steps in the living room to remembering the last dinner we shared with a loved one that’s no longer with us. There can be priceless memories built into each room of the home.

For many people, it’s nearly impossible to negotiate effectively because they can’t remove the emotion from the equation. This is why working with a professional is so valuable. They can see things with an unclouded perspective to help you with the negotiation process.

3.  Don’t Not Stage Your Home

We naturally design and personalize our homes to our liking. However, our tastes might not be in line with a buyer’s tastes and it might turn them off. This is why it’s imperative that the design and decor of our home is staged to be buyer-centric.

You have to assume the buyer doesn’t have any imagination and help them visualize themselves living in your home.  That’s very difficult to do if you have your pictures and decorations throughout the house.

Style and prepare your home in such a way to enhance its attractiveness so the buyers can envision themselves living and creating their own future in the home.  A real estate professional can give you guidance and point you in the right direction to help you do that.

In Summary

The bottom line is if you’re considering selling your home make sure you do your homework and get the counsel of a real estate professional so they can guide you through the process and remove any unnecessary stress from the situation. 


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